Nude Man Steals Refrigerator, Torches Own Apartment, Police Claim

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San Antonio PD
Carlos Rene Tomasi: He hates you, and he will set his own apartment on fire to prove it.
A San Antonio man faces an arson charge after a bizarre incident last month involving public nudity and the theft of an apartment complex community room refrigerator.

According to San Antonio police, on November 27, 38-year-old Carlos Rene Tomasi entered the community room nude and promptly walked over to the refrigerator and tossed all the items out of it. He then unplugged the refrigerator and walked away.

Minutes later, Tomasi returned, still naked, and grabbed the refrigerator. He dragged the appliance to his unit, and then, according to an arrest affidavit, heaped clothing atop it and set the whole thing on fire.

A witness said Tomasi then ran from his apartment and started pounding on a neighbor's door, yelling "Fire!" (which kinda made sense under the circumstances) and "I hate you!" which is a little harder to interpret.

That was when a witness saw smoke coming from the apartment.

At some point around that time, Tomasi apparently realized he was naked and that his behavior was not of the sort generally condoned by society, because he did have the snap to get dressed and flee the scene.

The fire was quickly contained. Tomasi was arrested Monday night and faces a single count of arson. Bail was set at $25,000.

And we're not saying it was bath salts, might have been bath salts.

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Dustin Robertson
Dustin Robertson

crack since he was on the run with the refrigerator ROFLMAO

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