Notre Dame-Alabama: Jimmy Clausen Fires the First Salvo and Shows Why the World Hates Him

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For most of the college football viewing public, the animosity started with Clausen and his family showing up at the College Football Hall of Fame in a stretch Humvee limo so that he could announce his verbal commitment to Notre Dame. For many, this picture of Clausen flashing his high school championship rings -- high school championship rings! -- is the defining snapshot of Clausen's unfulfilling body of football work.

As for the rest of Clausen's resume in unlikability, the easiest thing to do is let Twitter do the talking. Needless to say, once Clausen hit "SEND" on the tweet of the picture of his barely humorous t-shirt, it didn't take long for Alabama fan (and really just people who hate Clausen in general) to remind him of all of his flaws.

It actually started out with shots at the state of Indiana and the irony that a school in that state would make fun of the exaggerated inbreeding tendencies of, say, Alabama...

Also, there were reminders of Alabama's status as defending national champion...

And finally, one last non-Clausen related theme, the reminders that the Catholic church has had their own set of issues with sexual deviancy....

But once Alabama Fan got all of those general shots fired at the t-shirt itself -- "Indiana inbreeds, too...CHECK. We are the Champions! CHECK. Hey Catholic church, about all of those little boys....CHECK." -- it was a feeding frenzy on Clausen.

There were "How does it feel to get benched?" playing time related tweets...

There were reminders that even the fans of his own school hated him enough to punch his lights out in public at a bar....

There were reminders of his being the leader of an abject failure of a team during his time at Notre Dame, the face of a generation of Notre Dame recruiting that was heavy on skill players, and comically light on defense and trench talent....

That last one in particular got this guy blocked, which he enjoyed....

Personal appearance was certainly not off limits....

Poop humor, too! POOP!!!

Then there was this exchange where a tweeter reminded Clausen about what a bitch move it was to delete his original tweet, while suggesting a new pastime ("being less shitty at football")....

This led to a reminder by that same tweeter that Clausen is the only ND quarterback to lose to Navy twice...

And ultimately led to Clausen's girlfriend, volleyball star Jess Gysin, coming in and defending her man, which is about as emasculating as it should get....

In the end, Clausen tried to diffuse the situation by reminding all of us that it's just a t-shirt, people!!

Sometimes there are tweets that perfectly capture the essence of a person's image. I would say that spelling "too" wrong, improperly shifting from third person to second person mid sentence, and punctuating the tweet with an "lol" are about as Jimmy Clausen as it gets.

In short, that tweet was the "being Jimmy Clausen" of tweets.

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@SeanCablinasian dude Bryan Dawkins on ESPN is a no go


@SeanCablinasian You'd think inactive backups would find a better hobby, like going Christmas shopping with a bunch of kids #case> clausen


@SeanCablinasian yessss...moving on from antagonizing the aggies #rolldamntide


Wow people on twitter are sensitive. That shirt is pretty funny. Whats even funnier is that everyone getting pissed at Clausen wont make one of his game checks in 6 to 10 years.

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