Nerd Humor: NASA Gets Clever with "Why the World Didn't End" and Gangnam Style Parody Videos

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From an even earlier spoof: "We're Nasa And We Know It (Mars Curiosity)" video by the YouTube parody group Satire
Nerds have a sense of humor and when those nerds also have cool toys and a desire to get people more interested in their world, they can come up with some pretty damn clever concoctions. In this case, the nerds in question are at our own Johnson Space Center, where they have created a couple of videos recently that are as funny as they are scientifically informative.

The first is basically an "I told you so" video they released last week that explains "from the day after December 21, 2012" why the world didn't end yesterday. It's a clever way to shoot down every single conspiracy related to the Mayan calendar apocalypse, which some believe will have the world ending on Friday.

But the second video is the more interesting one.

Spoofing the insanely popular "Gangnam Style" video, NASA turned out "NASA Johnson Style" complete with PSY lookalike, tons of dancers, and a host of astronauts and scientists at Johnson Space Center. Some of the more well known in the video include space shuttle astronaut Mike Massimino and International Space Station visitors Clayton Anderson and Tracy Caldwell Dyson.

With funding slashed in recent years and the shuttle program scuttled, the folks at NASA have stepped up their game using social media and humor to draw attention to the space program. They blog daily and have dozens of Twitter feeds for different astronauts and missions.

But the videos might be the funniest and most impressive accomplishments to date. Heh, nerds.

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