Harris County Attorney's Office Goes After Club La Cave

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La Cave: Where everyone knows your name, or where everyone is a criminal?
The Harris County Attorney's Office has filed a suit to shut down an after-hours club that prosecutors say is a haven for crime, including a murder earlier this week.

Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan stated in a press release that the owner of La Cave, 4714 FM 1960 West -- as well as the property owners -- "have knowingly allowed hundreds of violations to occur at this club and done nothing to stop them. They can either operate in a legal manner or we will see that they are closed down."

The release also states that "nearly 400 calls for service have been made at the club, located in a strip center in the Champions Terrace area. Local residents say robberies, break-ins and shootings have increased in their community since the club opened."

We haven't been able to reach club owner Victoria Gonzales yet, but Hardial Mangat, one of the two defendants who lease the property, told Hair Balls that he's unaware of any criminal activity at the club, and has never been there.

Ryan's office "is asking a judge to order reasonable actions to prevent the nuisances caused by the club and to order the defendants to put up a bond," according to the release. "If the defendants violate the judge's order, the bond could be forfeited and the club ordered closed for one year from the forfeiture date."

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Hardial Mangat is a liar scammer (((do not buy properties or houses from this man))

he will cheat you like he did me even though I played 40,000 and my house value was only 7,000 he still refuses to give me the title anyone knows a good attorney 

please let me know I gave all I had to this scammer


Once upon a time that was a lovely part of town. Multiculturalism hasn't served Houston well.

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