25 Ways to Replace Jim Deshaies; You're Welcome, Astros!

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How about Bill Murray and Steve Stone?
10. Bill Murray
Yes, he's a famous actor. But the dude's well known for his comedy chops, and humor is going to be much in need with the Astros. Murray's also a part-owner of a minor league baseball team, and he's also done some baseball TV analysis for the Cubs in the past. It's a bit of a reach, but the guy's known for trying some offbeat projects, and it might really help with the ratings.

9. Bob Costas
Costas loves baseball, and he has broadcast games for NBC and the MLB Network. And he'll also probably come cheap seeing as how he pissed off the gun nuts Sunday night and they all want him fired.

8. Crawford Jones
Now the senior member of the radio broadcast team, why not just make him the TV guy? Sure, he's got a football background, but since when has knowing anything about the sport ever actually mattered?

7. Chris Berman
With Milo Hamilton supposedly gone, let's put someone equally as annoying into the TV booth. I'm sure Chris Berman would love the chance to do baseball fulltime, and he has a bunch of home run calls.

6. Milo Hamilton
While we're talking about him, Milo is set to do some games next season, may as well just hire him back and let him do TV and radio at the same time. It's not like anybody's going to be able to watch the games anyway.

5. Jim Crane and George Postolos
You guys have already fired everybody else. Go ahead and do the broadcasts, too.

4. Larry Dierker
Beloved former Astros pitcher, manager and broadcaster. So why not see if he wants to give it another go? And maybe if Dierker comes back, Bill Brown might be convinced to stay.

3. John Royal
He thinks he knows it all anyway. Let's find out if he's right.

2. Shane Reynolds
He did a few innings in the booth with Bill Brown and Jim Deshaies during a game last season. He was funny. He was smart. He provided some good insight and analysis. And he's a former Astro.

1. It Makes No Difference
Who are we kidding? The Astros TV games are going to be broadcast on Comcast SportsNet Houston, which means nobody around here is going to be able to see them, so it doesn't matter who's in the booth next season. Play ball!

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