Internet Commenters Joke About Homeless Man Crushed in Trash Compactor

Here we go. Finally, a little politics. And "who cares?" Yeah, who would care that a human being was crushed to death in a trash compactor?

The first "Darwin" reference along with the mention of a lawsuit. Two for one.

Yes, the government. Weren't you the same commenter who complained about typos? Right, you were. So, explain how you missed that the investigation is being done by THE COMPANY AND NOT THE POLICE. May want to get a new editor for your comments.

Wow, a Martin Sheen reference! Way to pull a golden oldie out of the hat because Sheen being a "phony" is 100 times worse than, you know, A MAN CRUSHED TO DEATH IN A TRASH COMPACTOR!


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johnnybench topcommenter

You have to admit the "wrong side of the dumpster" line was pretty funny.

What a horrible way to live and die.  Poor guy, and poor workers who have to live with the fact that they accidentally killed somebody.


I feel very "pressed" to respond to this article.  Wocka Wocka Wocka!!

Idiot shouldn't have slept in a dumpster.  That is just as smart as jogging on I-10 at night clad in a ninja outfit or sleeping in the Serengeti with a steak stapled to your ass.


@SgtStedenko Disgruntled commenters are hysterical, every single time.

I always mean to ask folks who hate the sites they comment on why they keep coming back.

So... Why do you keep coming back if the site bothers you so much?


Go look up SPAM so you will actually know what it is. That way you won't make a fool out yourself anymore.

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