2012: The Year in Zapruder, a Recap of My Detailed Video Recaps

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8/16/12: The Firing of Chad Johnson on Hard Knocks
Honestly, when I watched this video, to me more than anything it was validation that Joe Philbin has a leadership style that screams "2-14!!" But i was wrong. Instead, it casually proclaims "7-9, people....7-9." Good for you, Joe.

9/11/12: FFL Week 1: Jets-Bills
With the start of football season came the start of my new Zapruder-friendly league -- the Fan Fighting League, of which I named myself commissioner, immediately making me no worse than the third worst commissioner in all of sports (looking at you, Goodell and Bettman).

9/12/12: High School Football Game Streaker
The "fullback up the middle" of Zapruder breakdowns. Public nudity interrupting a football game. Too easy.

9/25/12: FFL Week 3: Redskin-Redskin
Our first civil war of the FFL!

10/24/12: Awkward Tiger Woods Interview
I'm pretty sure Tiger Woods dismembered his publicist one limb at a time and used his or her leg as a three wood to the side of the head after signing him up for this interview.

10/31/12: Shirtless Guy Wanders Onto Football Field
This one is actually a little bit scary, until the entire town jumps this idiot and then it becomes hilarious.

11/14/12: MNF Cavalcade of Errors, Starring Rick Reilly!
"Stu, tell them I had it first on Twitter..." That happened.

11/14/12: Drunk, Racist Aggie Fan Causes A Scene At The Airport
By far the most reaction of any Zapruder breakdown was this one. In 2012, we still have guys walking up to African Americans in airports and dropping n-bombs on them. This one happened to be wearing a "Johnny Football" t-shirt.

11/20/12: Portly Bama Family Celebrates Stanford Win
Alabama fans rooting for Stanford. Worlds colliding! (in so many ways)

11/28/12: FFL Week 12: Giants-Packers
More football fans brawling, lots of jerseys....

12/7/12: FFL Week 13: Giants-Redskins
My league was going strong as playoff tension mounted....

12/18/12: FFL Turkish Wheelchair Basketball League
Didn't even know wheelchair basketball had a league, did ya? Yeah, it's HUGE in Turkey apparently. I guess this matchup was like the Giants and Redskins matchup of that league. Not sure which wheelchair basketball player is Eli Manning, just pick the one with the dopey look on his face who is committing soul crushing turnovers.

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