Waze, Echofon, Chrome: My 12 Favorite Apps of 2012

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Echofon: still the best Twitter app.
8. FlightTrack

There is no better app for keeping track of flights than FlightTrack. It is the single most functional tool I've found for making a plane on time or tracking one so that I can be at the airport on time to pick up whoever is flying in. The detailed map even gives weather conditions and the flight times are constantly updated.


The recently redesigned film and television database giant is better than ever. I'm always trying to find out who was in what and nothing makes it easier. Being able to quickly swipe through seasons of TV shows to get to single episodes as well is genius.

6. ESPN Scorecenter

I was not a big fan of the four letter network's app until its very recent redesign to keep stride with the excellent iPad version. It's clean, organized and much easier to use. I'm still a fan of Yahoo! Sportacular, but ESPN has won me over as my first call sports app.

5. Echofon

I really wish the iPad version of Echofon was as strong as the iPhone version because the iPhone version is stellar. I've tried all sorts of Twitter apps including the official one, which has improved dramatically in the past year, but nothing stands up to the speed and ease of use of Echofon. The mute feature alone is worth every penny.

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Google Maps - Adios, not-ready-for-primetime Apple maps.

Zite - my favorite personalized magazine app, drawing from your varied interests.

AP Mobile - If you're going to read news, why not read it from the source?

TuneIn Radio - All the stations that aren't on iHeartRadio.

Google Drive - Finally decent apps that let you edit your Google Docs from your phone or iPad.

Genius Scan - Turns your camera into a scanner.  Create PDFs on the fly.  Incredibly useful.


the iPhone what?   6?

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