10 Texas Christmas Ornaments from Etsy You May or May Not Want on Your Tree

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We Texans like stuff made by other Texans. We like to believe we are our own little country down here. In fact, some of us wish we were. In short, Texas pride runs deep, which is why we take every opportunity we can to demonstrate it. This Christmas, all over the state, there are houses decorated with Texas-themed displays. From lights bordering the unique outline of the state to all manner of nods to our western cowboy heritage, it's a very Lone Star Christmas up in here.

And in keeping with buying stuff made by other Texans -- or at least people who love us enough to want to make something about us -- we give you ten ornaments to consider for your tree...or not consider as the case may be.

10. Lone Star Map Ornament

Okay, so this is a map of Dallas and we are not cool with that, but the maker says she will gladly create one for you for any city. Damn right!

9. Hand-Painted Christmas Sand Dollar Ornament (Texas Oil Well)

It's tough to go wrong with a gushing oil well. Sure, it's a bit of an ironic twist that spewing crude is painted on what used to be a live sea creature, but you know, Merry Christmas!

8. TEXAN SPOKEN HERE Sign Wooden Carved Texas State Shape

This is a bit corny, but a right fine piece of craftsmanship there, partner.

7. Texas Bike/Lone Star Ornament

As Stephon on Saturday Night Live might say, "This ornament has everything: discarded bike parts, a Lone Star beer cap, midgets dressed like snow cones." Okay, not that last one, but you know.

6. 5 Shiner BEER CAP Christmas Ornaments

And while we're on the subject of beer, how about some representation for the little brewery in Shiner? Leave some Shiner out for Santa instead of milk and we bet you get something really good in your stocking.

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