What Do Texas Secessionists, Teenagers and Hibernating Bears Have in Common? A Venn Diagram

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza
It's those pesky Texans again
Texas once again masterfully thrust itself into the national spotlight yesterday when it became clear that on Monday, more than 51,000 people had signed a petition and sent it in to Washington D.C. saying Texas should say adios to the United States.

At issue continues to be the disconnect between what many -- but not all -- Texans think should be going on with the federal government. The surprise Tuesday was, of course, that Gov. Rick Perry who has played with the idea of secession before, says no, he's not supporting this petition.

All of which drove our art director, Monica Fuentes, to try to make sense of it all by employing the time-tested Venn Diagram approach.


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Venn Diagram - Friggin' spot on.  

Do they not realize it takes a little more than a petition to get succession underway?  What's their tax plan?  Are we going to be better off than we were four years ago?  

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