A Very Knitted Christmas: 15 Bizarre Handmade Christmas Ornaments on Etsy

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15. Social Media Icons

Some might think hanging the Pinterest logo on the tree is cute. It's not.

14. Santa's Brain

Hey, kids, who wants to see inside the skull of Santa?

13. Boob

Someone once told me that everyone likes boobs. I can't necessarily disagree, but I'm not sure anyone wants a single felt breast hanging from a pine bough this holiday.

12. Penis

Naturally, if you are going to have a boob, you may as well have a knitted penis, too. Not sure where you put the hook. Thankfully, I did not find a crochet vagina ornament to complete the set.

11. Hand-Painted Sasquatch

He's got a little Santa hat and everything.

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Houston Press
Houston Press

Oh man, Khloe Morris, just fell into the Regretsy black hole...

Khloe Morris
Khloe Morris

Try Regretsy.com it's a hilariously bad collection of things off that site.

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