Voting Report: Short Lines in the Northwest, a Victory for Procrastinators

Standing in Line to Vote 560 R.jpg
There was only a short line at this Northwest polling place. There was a less than 10-minute wait for most voters.

Maybe all those voters who went to the polls early weren't the smart ones after all?

At least in one polling place in Houston today, there were no lines. One of our co-workers had to wait in line more than an hour last week to cast her early vote.

Ah procrastinators! Feeling vindicated today?

Ballot 560 r.jpg
There were other races being decided today, but the one that has everyone's attention is the Obama v. Romney contest.
Looking at the Ballot 560 R.jpg
Some voters needed a little study time before they cast their vote.
walking in to vote 560 r.jpg
A steady trickle of voters kept coming in, but the turnout so far has been lighter than expected.

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