Texans 43, Jaguars 37: Four Red Flags, Four Silver Linings

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The verdict: The Texans won a week ago in a defensive battle. They beat Jacksonville on Sunday in a shootout. That versatility counts for something. Schaub has long maintained that the brilliance of the Texans is that they can win in many different ways. Never has that been more apparent. On the other side, it's hard to completely sour on a top-five-ranked defense based on a few wild plays in one game.

The minor concerns center on coaching and the kicking game. Can Kubiak adjust his strategy and take a more aggressive approach, when necessary? And will Shayne Graham hit pressure-packed kicks of more than 40 yards?

We may not have to wait long to find out. The Lions (4-6) have the league's No. 2-ranked offense, and desperately need a win at home on Thanksgiving. Three weeks from today, the Texans take on Brady and the Patriots (7-3) on Monday Night Football. Both games are likely to be close, and high scores wouldn't surprise. If the Texans make the necessary adjustments, experiences like Sunday could be very beneficial.

"This is stuff that we can build on as we get into the stretch run here into December," said Schaub. "Something we can look back on as we move through this because there are going to be games like that. It's not always going to be a two- or three-score lead in the fourth quarter where you're trying to run the clock out. There is going to be close ballgames where you have to go make plays, and guys did that."

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 why stir the pot and specifically mention Kareem Jackson? along with missing that tackle, he also ripped the ball out of a WR's hands, thereby negating a touchdown catch. he's having a great season: deal with it.

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