Texans Fans Share Their Game Day Superstitions

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In the mid '90s when the Rockets were winning back-to-back titles in the NBA, I was a bit of a diehard. I watched every game, attended as many as I could and got pretty animated during games. Let's just say I left a few remote controls in my wake. I did manage to get my rabid fandom under control and become a more moderate, well-adjusted patron, but I appreciate the guy (or gal) who can get a player's face shaved into their head or wear face paint day and night for weeks.

And, like many fans, during the throes of my most passionate times watching the Rockets, I carried with me a few superstitions to help the team win. For every game I watched at home, I sat in the same chair, stood for the fourth quarter in my living room and drank Dr Pepper from a single plastic Rockets giveaway mug. Note that these clearly worked, given the titles.

Bud Light even has a commercial now highlighting the superstitions of fans, and we wondered what Texans fans do to protect their team from curses. As it says in the commercial, "It's only weird if it doesn't work." Hell, even Gary Kubiak turns his back during field goals. So, we took to the best and most accurate tool for polling in the universe: Twitter. Here are a few of the better responses we received. Feel free to add your own in the comments.

Seems pretty logical to us.

Right, get the whole family involved. Good thinking.

Sounds a lot like my Rockets days. Well done!

Yeah, nobody likes that guy.

Like Fight Club. I like it.

This twitterer iterated in a later tweet that he -- thankfully -- washes said boxers every week. Still, that's dedication.

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Noelle A. Perry
Noelle A. Perry

same thing with the aeros. if i watch/listen nothing happens, or we lose. i forget about the game, or am working or otherwise indisposed, and we kick complete ass. :/

Thor Delph
Thor Delph

I'm not watching just because I think football is boring


We watch most games at home from the comfort of the couch, but we always wear our Texans jerseys and stand up during important plays or if we are behind.  The one time we were too lazy to stand up we lost to Green Bay!


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