Texans 13, Bears 6: Slugfest Win Just What Houston Needed

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3.) Danieal Manning

Manning made the most of his return to Chicago, forcing a fumble on the game's first play and later grabbing an interception. The fumble resulted from a vicious (but legal) blindside hit, setting the tone for a night all about physical defense.

"Daniael Manning is a great player," said Phillips. "I don't know many safeties better than him."

"He played a lot of great football here, and I know it was important to him," added Kubiak.

Manning, who embraces a leadership role on defense, spoke to the Texans on Saturday night at a team meeting, telling them what to expect from his former team and from Soldier Field conditions. Specifically, he said the Texans would have to "grind it out". One night later, they did exactly that.

2.) Arian Foster

On a night of great defense and poor footing, the Texans' biggest offensive star still managed to shine. The stat line of 29 carries for 102 yards doesn't tell the full story, because the Bears clamped down on the running game in the second half, knowing the Texans wouldn't risk throwing the ball with a lead. When the Texans needed to score, Foster delivered - gashing Chicago for 91 yards on his first 14 carries and adding a spectacular diving catch in the corner of the end zone for the game's lone touchdown.

"He was exceptional," Kubiak said. "He kept battling. He came to me there with about eight minutes left in the game, and he said, 'Just give it to me.' They had nine or 10 guys in the box, and he said to just keep giving it to him."

Foster, normally reserved in his on-field demeanor, seemed particularly intense on Sunday, repeatedly making demonstrative first-down gestures after big plays. Fellow offensive playmaker Andre Johnson called it the biggest game of the season. Foster played like it.

"This was a huge win," said Foster. "They're one of the best teams in the NFL. We felt like we are, too."

1.) Tim Dobbins

Dobbins, better known as Brian Cushing's replacement at middle linebacker, opened eyes around the league with his play Sunday. His eight tackles led the team, and a fumble recovery and ensuing 32-yard return on Chicago's first offensive play put the Texans in position to grab the early 3-0 lead. On a night of dreadful conditions, the Texans benefited immensely by playing from ahead.

"It was obviously a very, very difficult night for offensive football, and we were going to have to find ways to win, just battling and playing great defense," said Kubiak.

Dobbins personally battled through a shoulder injury suffered on the return to later deliver the game's defining play. The Bears seemingly believed they had found a hole in Houston's pass rush, with Cutler opting to step up in the pocket and scramble up the middle on three of four plays late in the first half. On one of those, just as Cutler crossed the line of scrimmage, Dobbins laid a crushing blow on the Chicago quarterback, eventually forcing him to leave the game with a concussion.

The hit drew a flag, but it accomplished its purpose. The Texans showed there were consequences to exposing quarterbacks to Houston defenders, and the Bears had a much more conservative gameplan going forward.

"A grind-it-out, pound-it-out game shows that we can win in any environment, any situation," said Watt. "We got the win, and that's all that matters."

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