Texans-Bills: 4 Winners, 4 Losers, "Judgment Day" Edition

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Not such a happy day as in the past for Mario Williams
Check out our slideshow of the Texans vs the Bills on Sunday afternoon.

So that was "Judgment Day" huh? All righty then.

What was billed (by Mario Williams) as Mario Williams' authoritative homecoming, basically turned into a fairly ho-hum day of work for the Texans, a 21-9 victory over the Buffalo Bills. Consider the following numbers:

- The Texans won by 12 points. (The closing line in Vegas was 11.5.)

- Arian Foster had over 100 yards rushing, Andre Johnson had over 100 yards receiving, and Matt Schaub had 268 yards passing.

- J.J. Watt and Connor Barwin each hd a sack.

- The Texans held the ball for nearly 35 minutes of the clock.

My point is that the actual game Sunday was about the closest thing you could probably find to a computer simulation of this game if you'd run it on Saturday. Everyone just kinda, sorta showed up and did their job.

As always, there were winners and losers. Here they are...

Photo by Groovehouse
Arian Foster had 24 carries for 111 yards


4. Donnie Jones
Let's be very clear about one thing -- the Texans special teams have largely been atrocious this season. They have no explosive plays in the return game, and their kick coverage teams have been so bad that when the Bills returned a kick to their own 32 yard line yesterday, Lance Zierlein and I said "32 yard line, that's not that bad" at the exact same time in the press box. Keep in mind that, according to footballoutsiders.com, the Giants offense has the best starting field position per drive in the NFL, and it's their own 32 yard line -- and Lance and I were fine with the Bills starting at their 32. But my point with this paragraph (where was I, again?) is that the one bright spot on special teams has been the play of punter Donnie Jones. He's consistently swung field position and yesterday, when the Texans needed distance, he gave it to them (49.4 yards per punt).

3. Arian Foster
Apparently, Arian Foster was sick on Saturday night, up all night with vomiting and stomach issues that lingered into this morning, which basically means that he was dealing with the same issues that half the fans in the blue lot appear to be dealing with by about 10:30 am on game day. Well, Foster responded with a huge game with 24 carries for 111 yards and a touchdown, which according to my tailgating conversion chart equates to 14 beers and an entire brisket. Blue lot salutes you, Arian Foster! Brothers in vomit.

2. Whitney Mercilus
For the second straight game, Mercilus made his presence felt, forcing a fumble when the Bills were driving for a touchdown to cut the game to one score in the fourth quarter, and then getting a sack late in the game. With no Brian Cushing (and, subplot alert, with Connor Barwin entering free agency after the season), the development of Mercilus is both intriguing and necessary.

1. Indianapolis Colts fans
After their win over the Dolphins on Sunday, the Colts have me feeling very good about my prediction for them to make the 2012 playoffs. Of course, that muffled euphoria over possibly being right is cancelled out a hundredfold by the feeling that the Texans have to share a division with Andrew Luck for the next 12 years. THAT blows.

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