Royce White's Twitter Rant: 10 Ignorant Replies

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Inquisitive tweeters, while no less ignorant than the angry ones, are always fun. Like this guy who poses the poignant, hard-hitting question as to why Royce White chose to play basketball:

Gee, I dunno, let me think...the money, the women, the adulation, the money, the free shit, the five star hotels, the money....

Now, this guy has so little patience for Royce White that it took him a three tweet mini-barrage to get his point across, which is ironic seeing as he appears to be an anxiety sufferer himself:

My favorite part of that whole tirade was "You have a kid to support and a history of theft," as if someone's criminal history is a reason that they need to get back to work. (NOTE: Royce White was involved in a laptop stealing incident back in college.) Um, Royce, you need to get back on the court before your history of theft consumes you from the inside!

I love this one. Nothing some dude hiding behind his key board calling somebody else an "internet tough guy":

Plenty of proposals to trade Royce White on the internet from aspiring armchair general managers. I think this one was my favorite one. This guy obviously has a very high opinion of Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau's acumen:

Yeah, thousands of highly educated, world reknowned doctors can't wrap their arms around anxiety disorder, but Tom Thibodeau can probably has it out. Sorry, when I look at Thibodeau I don't see someone whose brain holds the key to unlock mental illness, I see someone trying not to sweat when he eats.

And finally, it appears that the drunk Aggie who started an airport fight has a Twitter account:

When the Rockets drafted Royce White, they were fully aware of his condition, so it is right and imperative that they exhaust all avenues to try and make this thing work. It's just common sense, from both a business and a public relations perspective. According to television analyst and former Rockets player Matt Bullard, the team has been holding up its end of the bargain:

"[White's comments show] that he does have, you know, a mental illness, because a lot of the things he's saying don't really match up with the reality as I see it as I'm around the Rockets every day."

Bullard went on to say that the Rockets have arranged for White to get medical attention for his illness every day and he has yet to show up to any of the appointments. Naturally, this turned into another tangent on Royce White's Twitter rampage:

Here's the thing -- at some point, Royce White and the Rockets need to have some functional discourse on this deal. I have no problem with Royce White getting the attention he needs, and I have no problem with the Rockets allowing for special accommodations for him, so long as it doesn't interfere with the team's accomplishing its goals.

My issue with Royce White is that his decision to perch himself atop a social media soap box is the exact opposite of productive discourse. It's the equivalent of standing on the median at Westheimer and Post Oak and screaming into a megaphone. And last I checked, no conflict was ever resolved with one side screaming into a megaphone.

And by the way, where is Royce White's inner circle to tell him to stop tweeting? Where is his family? His agent? How does his publicist hit "SEND" on that statement that threw the Rockets under the bus?

We are not even a month into the Royce White Experiment, and already people are asking the magic question -- is he worth it? And as White presumably makes his trek to the D-League, the evidence continues to pile up one tweet at a time, and the answer to the question becomes more and more obvious.

Like I said before, the answer to that question usually is.

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With the exception of the jackasses on Twitter, there does seem to be a lot of people who are empathetic towards the guy, but at the end of the day, the Rockets are a business. He has not been in the league long enough to be told, "Address your problems, your job will be here when you get back." They've been accommodating, but considering their investment, it's not unreasonable for them to expect when they ask him to see a doctor of their choosing, that he do so at the earliest convenience for them. In the end, they shouldn't be doing for him what he refuses to do for himself.


There's sympathy, and then there's expecting him to face his problems the way his boss(es) expects him to. No Twitter rant on his part is making him seem like he cares much about doing his job to the expectations of the guys paying him a guaranteed salary. And at the end of the day, even though many of us, aside from knuckleheads on Twitter, do empathize, we can't want him to succeed more than he wants to. Other adults in less lucrative professions with the same issues have to cope; it's time for a little less accommodation and a little more proaction on his part, by whatever his employer deems necessary.


We live in a country that is still peopled with men who think rape victims can't get pregnant. It should come as no surprise that we're not overly sympathetic to people with mental illness. But even those of us who have dealt with the mentally ill have a hard time; they look perfectly healthy. You think you can just shake them and tell them to get over it. But you can't. It doesn't work, and it often makes things worse. To make matters more complicated, they often don't take their meds, because--hello!--they're mentally ill and they're not always capable of ascertaining their own needs. I don't know if that describes White, but the Rockets took the kid on knowing about his disorder. If they're willing to take him on, they should be willing to make sure he gets the help he needs.

Sean Casey Caldwell
Sean Casey Caldwell

Catering to his mental illness is going to impact team cohesiveness. His tendency to air out private team issues on social media should be a red flag, as well. Cut him.

gossamersixteen topcommenter

Fire the whiner, let him go home to Mama and work at Wal Mart.. Or take some meds, and get on the damn plane, air travel is far safer than driving. What a tool..


Not for nothing, but I think what makes this situation terrible is that he feels ENTITLED to this treatment. Whether the Rockets want to do it is on them. What excuse does he have for NOT showing up? What does Royce want them to do? Build him a machine to teleport with? Build a trains system that directly links all NBA centers and practice facilities together? Get in a car and drive your own ass to practice.  There's Undrafted free agents out there who would kill for an opportunity to even show up and play with NBA level players, not mention the contract that comes with it. Entitlement is why this story is pointless, not because the Rockets are this evil empire out to waste their first overall pick in the draft. I don't even know why you're defending this guy.  I mean what did this guy come into the NBA for? Get a job that doesn't involve flying then. This is just pandering.

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