Ruh Roh! Ten of the Weirdest Gifts for Your Pet This Christmas

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Photo by AZ Adam
Black Friday is nearly upon us, people, and while all those other fools will be out buying flat screen TVs, computers and trampling each other for a $5 DVD player, we pet lovers will be searching for the best possible gifts for our furry little friends. For now, we'll stick with fur because I'm not even sure there is a decent bird gift other than, well, freedom.

Don't worry, though, if you have a fussy little pooch or if you just can't think of what to get for the kitty that has everything. I've gone to the trouble of compiling a list of some of the most ridiculous and absolute dumbest gifts you could possibly imagine for Fido and Fluffy. As people who live their entire lives through their pets, this is the ideal list for you. Think of all the funny YouTube videos and Instagram photos your one follower ( will enjoy from you this holiday.

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