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So what would South Park say about Royce White
Can someone please explain to me why so many people are so pissed off at Royce White? I know why the Rockets are upset - I don't necessarily agree with the Rockets being angry with him, but I get it - but I don't get why my twitter timeline and sports radio and comment sections to stories on White were so full of vitriol.

So, really. Someone. Tell me. Just what in the hell did the kid do to you?

Royce White hasn't tried to hide his condition. In fact, he's been very open about his anxiety disorder and OCD. Nobody should be surprised this is going on. Nobody should be shocked. Nobody should be angry. This isn't the situation of Carlos Lee not being able to make it out of Panama after the All Star Game and having to miss a game. This is a kid who suffers from the same fears of millions of people.

But what I read is that White's anger with the Rockets, his statements to the press about the Rockets not keeping promises, is all about his not wanting to be demoted to the D-League. Of course the people making these statements have no actual support for their statements, but hey, they have a twitter account so they can say whatever the hell they want to say - and in the case of some of the loudmouths, they even have a radio platform in which to share their ignorant views.

Everybody's an expert on what Royce White is going through, and most of the so-called experts are of the opinion that he's being a child. That he's not properly deferential to the great men running the Rockets. Never mind that White and the Rockets are the only parties who fully know all of the facts.

One of the resident radio loudmouths stated that he wished White were more famous so that South Park would do a show making fun of White. And this is the type of thing that South Park would have some fun with, but anybody who has ever really watched South Park knows that Matt Stone and Trey Parker would not be making fun of White.

The episode would probably go like this. Cartman would get in trouble for saying something inappropriate. He would then see something on television about people with anxiety disorders and he would appropriate some anxiety disorder to avoid his punishment. Kyle would call him a fat-ass and set out to prove that Cartman was faking. Stan, meanwhile, would discover that Butters actually suffers from an anxiety disorder that makes him afraid to fly.

Cartman would sue the school for not acknowledging his anxiety disorder and he would become a celebrity standing up for the people suffering from whatever disorder Cartman claims to have. A movie crew would roll into town to film a movie based on Cartman's life. Kyle would, all of this time, still be calling Cartman a fat-ass faking the whole thing, but he would be ostracized for not believing Cartman.

Stan would try to take Butters in for treatment, but Butters would refuse to go. Stan would become angry, and he would walk away from Butters, but then Santa and Jesus would appear in Santa's sleigh and they would take Stan and Butters on a trip around the world, showcasing other people and their phobias and Santa would admit that he also suffers from a fear of flying, and that he snorts a little of Rudolph's magic dust before taking off each year. Meanwhile, disgusted by South Park and Cartman, Mecha-Streisand appears to destroy the town, only to once again be defeated by Robert Smith of The Cure.

And somewhere in the episode, Kenny dies, even though Kenny rarely dies anymore.

Yes, that's all ridiculous, but is it as ridiculous as a Matt Jackson wishing for the show to make an episode mocking Royce White because Jackson doesn't have a clue in the world as to what is really going on with White? (Then again, Jackson does work for the Rocket's new flagship station, so I'm sure he's just echoing what the Rockets want said.) And is it as really ridiculous as the fans going on the attack against White and showering him with hatred?

The Rockets knew what they were getting when they drafted Royce White. They knew of his various issues. Maybe Daryl Morey's not that genius the Houston basketball media tell me he is. Personally, I think Morey's the same kind of genius that Wile E. Coyote is, and Royce White is just the latest ACME package to blow up in his face.

So once again, tell me, what did Royce White do to draw your anger? I really want to know.

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If White missed camp/practice/games due to his anxiety issue, that's totally understandable. But he was fine and CHOSE not to go. Can you imagine anyone doing that in the real world? "Oh I feel like my company treats me as a commodity and not as a human being, so I'm simply not gonna show up at a meeting with an important client."


Also, White complained that he wanted to see his own doctor but the Rockets provided him with someone else. How many of you have HMO that only allow you to choose from a limited pool of doctors? Do you go to your manager and say, "Well, if you don't let me see my own doctor, I'm not gonna do any work but I still expect you to pay me"?


Furthermore, if White has an issue with the Rockets, he should first make an earnest attempt to work it out with the team. All signs indicated he didn't. Trust and respect are earned; not given. Royce White has not done anything that earns trust and respect, let alone playing time.


I mean, a rookie who missed training camp ON PURPOSE is demanding playing time? And you're wondering why people dislike him?


He has missed multiple practices, home games, most of training camp, etc... And he wonders why he hasn't been given any playing time? I don't understand how missing practice and home games has anything to do with his anxiety, so this charade is about not getting PT? What would it do to the morale of the team, mainly for the other rookies who have been present at every single practice/game/all of training camp, if Royce was given playing time over them? If the Rockets really have provided Royce with a doctor to see (he doesn't deny this, nor does he deny the accusation that he hasn't attended a single session with the doctor) and have agreed to make arrangements for him to ride a bus to most away games, then please tell me what Royce has done to fulfill his side of the agreement? This guy is nobody (yet), and he's demanding to be catered to like he's Lebron James. He's burning bridges left and right. What will his anxiety be like when he wakes up and realizes that he just flushed his career down the toilet?


Good article. It's absolutely amazing how ignorant some people are.


"what did Royce White do to draw your anger? I really want to know." --> it seems he spends more time on twitter talking about his problem than trying to fix it or play basketball. All talk and no action is annoying. Especially when you've been given the gift of playing in the NBA.


Everyone else, regardless of their conditions has to show up for work everyday and is making much less. His profession is to play a game. It's difficult to show sympathy when someone is blasting their employer on Twitter and not living up to their responsibilities.

johnnybench topcommenter

I'm pretty sure there's an episode where Cartman pretends he has tourrettes in order to justify cursing. 


 @jashockey It's amazing that some people can't see past the "I'm being discriminated against because of my illness" facade. How ignorant is it to expect anything when you don't give back?

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