Oklahoma Po-Po Busts Three-Year-old Taking a Public Pee-Pee; Mom Fined Price of Used Car

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Book 'em, Danno.
A Piedmont, Oklahoma cop caught a three-year-old boy peeing in his own front yard and brought down the hammer. The cop wrote little Dillan's mother Ashley Warden a citation for public urination, and the fine is $2,500.

"I said really, he is 3 years old, and [the cop] said it doesn't matter," Dillan's grandmother, Jennifer Warden, told News9.com. "[He said] It is public urination. I said we are on our property and he said it's in public view."

"Public" view might be stretching it.

Dillan lives on 2.5 acres out in the country. The rural street they live on just happens to be the same one where the particular cop, Ken Qualls, who is evidently very fussy and overzealous, chooses to park his cruiser daily, for some reason he would not divulge.

Ashley and Jennifer Warden say that Dillan is being potty-trained and found himself too far from the toilet, so he pulled down his pull-up and let fly outdoors. They have filed a complaint with the Piedmont PD and about this incident, but their complaint was not accepted.

There's a court date coming next month, at which time a judge could throw the ticket out. (Ashley Warden's copy of the ticket is taped back together after she tore it up in a rage.) The elder Wardens say in their defense that poor Dillan didn't even get to finish peeing before he was interrupted.

Piedmont police chief Alex Oblein said Qualls "could have handled the situation better," perhaps by using the piddling incident as a teachable moment for the parents.

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This is stupid, he's 3! And it SHOULDN'T be used as a lesson for the parents either, he's 3, I really don't think his parents will be encouraging him to pee in public view at 16



Sometimes laws should NOT be enforced. This is one of those cases.

The department needs to be humiliated and ostracized


That cop must not have kids, and if he does...well.. I'd have to guess he's pretty mean.


Law and order Oklahoma. Give the kid a break. The two hole outhouse must have been occupied.


What a fucking asshole copper.  Country "bubba" cops have nothing better to do.

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