Take on Our Election Night Bingo Drinking Card if You a) Dare, b) Don't Drive Afterward

election bingo starter2.jpg
We can count on TV tonight
However this election turns out, for most people it's been a rough, long slog.

Besides the usual problem of finding in whom you should place your trust, there's all the social media with its unexpected shrapnel -- like the first time one of your friends endorsed a Presidential candidate who is not your choice.

So maybe you've lost BFFs along the way -- at least the Facebook type. And maybe all the parts of your extended family aren't talking to each other.

But at least tonight for one night we can all be united in one thing: our continued amazement, our befuddlement at how much some pundits on TV get paid for uttering cliches, tired phrases and the latest buzz words. And that's why we've designed this drinking game for you.

Be careful with it as in don't play and drive, doofus.

We've found this type of activity helps people get through their treasured sporting events.

We could do no less for you and our country.

Bingo card by Monica Fuentes

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