Pics: Texans Fans Celebrate Win in Chilly Chicago

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Photo by Gary Beaver
Cold, wet, dreary: they didn't care. Go Texans!
The Houston Texans had been talking all week about the adjustments they'd have to make playing at Soldier Field in Chicago, well known for not having a roof and being exposed to the elements. With cold rain pouring throughout all four quarters and winds whipping between the goalposts, a number of hardy Texans fans sat through the game to be rewarded with the Texans' 8th win of the season. Click through to see more pics.

Photo by Gary Beaver
In Houston they close the roof, in Chicago they put on rain gear

Photo by Gary Beaver
Die hard Texans fans got rewarded for their dedication in a stadium filled with Bears fans

Photo by Gary Beaver
Gloves came in handy on a chilly night

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