Five Ways You Can Help Your Buddies Without Comcast Follow the Rockets Games

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The saga continues with Comcast SportsNet. Game two of the very young NBA season is upon us and still no deals with U-verse, DirecTV or Dish Network to carry the sports channel that is the exclusive home to the Rockets and Astros. It's difficult to say just how long it will take to get deals done. As David Barron at the Chron pointed out, Portland has gone six years without access on Dish Network and DirecTV for its channel that carries the Trailblazers.

My guess is it will take substantially less time than that, but I got to thinking that if you do have Comcast, there might be some ways for you to help your fellow Rockets fans see the games without crowding your house full of red face-painted lunatics. Sure, you could just buy season tickets, but that doesn't help with away games or if your friends don't live in Houston. You could also listen to the radio broadcast --- HA-HA, yeah, right. In those cases, it's time to get creative.

5. Slingbox access.

Slingbox is a nifty device that connects to your home cable box and broadcasts anything on your TV to any tablet, phone or computer with the Slingbox app. It is intended for use by the owner of said box, but that's not written in stone (it probably is). Why not provide a little access to your Slingbox account for a friend or 20. It probably violates all kinds of terms of service and all your friends will get access to your DVR'ed porn and episodes of Gossip Girl (XO...XO!), but it's totally worth it to make your friends happy.

4. Video camera plus UStream equals instant access.

Nothing says video quality like the camera on your cell phone pointed at your home TV and the video fed to UStream. Frankly, I'm surprised no one has done this yet ('s illegal...cough). Sure, you COULD get a fancy card for your computer that streams cable right onto your hard drive, but it's so much easier to jump in the middle of the broadcast screaming 'BEARDSANITY!" when the setup is old school.

3. Basketball equivalent of Civil War re-enactment.

Get a handful of friends in your driveway with a good basketball goal. You may need to lower it to account for your lack of athleticism. Set up a camera and roll your TV into the yard. Every great play, immediately re-enact it for the camera and all your adoring friends. Not only will your friends love you, but you'll get in shape in the process. Win win!

2. Project your cable feed onto the side of a building.

This might be expensive, but anything for friends. The bigger the projection, the farther away people can see it. If you are really ambitious, how about renting a blimp? Now, we're talking!

1. Two words: puppet show.

Who doesn't love puppets? No one. Who doesn't love sock puppets dressed up as Rockets players re-enacting plays from the game? Um, NOBODY! Think of the costuming possibilities. The tiny James Harden sock puppet beard would be the greatest thing ever.

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gossamersixteen topcommenter

Go to clutchnet, get stream info and watch in HD sans commercials. Then contact CSN's advertiser's marketing departments, tell them you watched without commercials in HD, and remind them >60% of Houston cannot see the game thanks to Concash's greed. Then troll their FB and twitter pages and repeat as stated above, it's time to mutiny life long Houston sports fans. With your help we can get this done!!

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