Check Out Richard S. Dunham's 6 Takeaways From the Elections

Change is in the wind.
We turn your attention now to an article in the Houston Chronicle today by Richard S. Dunham, a well-respected veteran political writer and no it's not the one on the front page.

On page three there's a well-reasoned, thought-provoking analysis he's done - 6 "takeaways" from the just completed national elections that is a remarkable effort to sift through the bullshit.

Dunham doesn't buy into the whole "undecided voter" frenzy and suggests that what we ought to be analyzing instead are "persuadable" voters.

He thinks the Independent label may be a myth.

And he sees the possibility for Texas to become a major player in the presidential elections of the future if our Hispanic population continues to grow and they do in future elections what they did with this one.

We won't repeat all of his major points; that wouldn't be fair. But please take a look and tell us what you think. Hair Balls has a close friend who has been railing for weeks about the stupidity of all the money being poured into campaign spending while there is so much need in this country and in our state's grossly underfunded public education system. He'll certainly embrace Dunham's Point No. 6.

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As a person who was undecided throughout most of the campaign, I find this "independent voter myth" idea quite interesting. Thanks for telling me I don't exist.

I swore I would never vote for Obama before the 2008 election. I'm a fiscal conservative, small government proponent and I'm not sold on this obamacare thing. But I am pro-choice, pro-marriage-equality, and various other social liberal things. And as I'm not an evangelical Christian (or Christian at all) I am genuinely afraid of how the Republicans have become the "Good Christian" party. It was quite a conundrum and I actually stood in the voting booth with my choice highlighted trying to talk myself into or out of it. Eventually I pushed the button.

So whether you think we are magical unicorns or not, undecided voters do exist. We are the people who hate both the candidates. We are not "persuadable" so much as begrudgingly accepting of the least-bad choice.


I read the piece and it was a breath of fresh air.  No agenda, just analysis.  This coming from someone that is so fed up with partisan politics that I voted for Gary Johnson (just so happened that his platform was my preference as well).


Also, $6B spent is patently obscene.  Just grossly conspicuous consumption.  Only plus is that I guess it spurred the "economy".  Blow the whole thing up.  Also, if the mouthbreathers on facebook cared as much locally as they act like they care nationally, we'd all be in better shape.

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