Behind the Cover: Artist Creates Diorama for Our 2012 Turkeys of the Year Issue

Categories: Longform

Photo by Kira Shaimanova
Artist Kira Shaimanova of Ontario, Canada, hand-scultped, painted and photographed the small diorama that became this year's 2012 Turkey of the Year cover. She is a seriously talented woman who put together this trailer park turkey scene for our issue.

She creates all the "dolls," as she calls them, from clay before painting them, adding hair and other adornments. "With every project, I get a vision in my head of what the characters look like, the set, the mood of the piece and the lighting," she said. "My main goal is to re-create that first image in my head."

She did quite a job. Take a tour of her process through this slideshow of photos taken during the creation of the cover.

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