Amegy Bank Gets Hit by "Wedding Band Bandit" Who May Be Divorced Soon If His Wife Sees This

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weddingband 1107.jpg
Yes let's all be on alert for a man wearing a wedding band; that ought to narrow down the search

The Amegy Bank at 12130 Hempstead Highway was robbed today and the FBI hopes the public can help them find the bad guy.

The local FBI likes attaching special monikers to its suspects -- which we wholeheartedly approve of because otherwise writing up this stuff would be incredibly kind of boring.

This fella's most distinguishing characteristic, according to the FBI: "The bank robber wore what appeared to be a gold wedding band on his left ring finger during the robbery. It is pictured in the photographs."


The FBI also noted it was a bad day overall for Amegy (which makes Hair Balls sad because most of its locations have a lot friendlier staff than some other banks in town).

"A second Amegy was robbed earlier at 1502 Eldridge Parkway and is still under investigation. The two robberies are not believed to be connected at this time."

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