Five Awesome Yuri Gagarin Paintings the City of Houston Should Have Received

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Yuri in Summer of Love mode
This week Mayor Annise Parker accepted on behalf of the city some artwork commemorating the 50th anniversary of the flights of Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and the USA's John Glenn.

(Gagarin, of course, was the first human in space, Glenn the first American.)

The donations will be displayed in the Gragg Building at 2999 S. Wayside Drive, the first headquarters of NASA and currently the headquarters of the City of Houston Parks & Recreation Department, which is in no way a comedown for a building.

"Today we see a representation of one of mankind's greatest achievements -- traveling into outer space," Parker said. "Houston is also known as Space City, and what better way to commemorate such a great moment in history than to have artworks at NASA's original headquarters."

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Russians love Gagarin, the cosmonaut with the legendary smile who spent plenty of the years after his historic flight chasing tail and vodka, a route that Glenn didn't exactly follow.

Russians also love their unique quasi-realistic paintings, and Gagarin was the subject of many. Here are five we'd like to see at the ol' Parks & Rec building (Note: Due to artistic license, we can't absolutely guaran-damn-tee every one of these deathless pieces of art portrays Gagarin as opposed to some other cosmonaut) :

5. Incoming!!!
Gagarin stoically ponders the ack-ack, flak and other anti-aircraft fire he'll apparently be flying through, which makes a 1943 bombing run over Germany seem like a cakewalk.

4. The seductive sounds of Yuri
Having a little trouble breaking the surly bounds of some hostess's garter? Don't fret.

Just open an ice-cold bottle of the national drink and pop this baby on the turntable. You'll be planning your entry and re-entry in no time.

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Johnson Space Center

1601 Nasa Parkway, Houston, TX

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Houston City Hall

900 Bagby, Houston, TX

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