Vince Ryan Says Babes North Is a Strip Club, Not a Bikini Bar

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Our county attorney thinks that a bikini bar is a front for a strip club.
We don't know what you'll be wearing for Halloween, but in County Attorney Vince Ryan's eyes, the FM 1960 Babes North is already in full costume.

According to a news release from his office Monday, Ryan filed suit against the business establishment, "alleging that it is a place where persons go for prostitution and drug dealing." The mall where Babes North is located is also named in the suit "for not taking reasonable measures to prevent criminal activity from occurring on the premises."

"Harris County recognizes the right of adult entertainment businesses to operate but they must do so in accordance with the law," Ryan said. "When they repeatedly ignore the law and imperil the well-being of the community, the Office of the County Attorney will take action to force compliance. Babes is not a bikini bar. It is a topless and bottomless den of prostitution and drug dealing."

Calls for police assistance have been common at the bar in the last year and a half, Ryan said, with more than 30 logged in.

For your reading pleasure, a copy of the lawsuit can be viewed by clicking on court records.

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Anyone know what distinguishes a strip club from a bikini bar? And where do new "Breastaurants" like Twin Peaks fit into the scheme? I've heard of lewd behavior and prostitution at Twin Peaks. Then again, I've heard about prostitution going down at Palm, the old Ritz bar and plenty of other upscale places around town. Seems no one is cracking down on those monied 'dens of prostitution and drugs'. What gives?


"a den of prostitution and drug dealing"?

Straight-faced Vince could narrate an updated Reefer Madness propaganda piece and completely miss the irony. He needs to turn his attention toward things that matter instead of crusading against victimless crimes.


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