Vince Ryan Scores a $2 Million Judgment for County Against Drycleaners, in River Oaks No Less

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Going after chemicals.
Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan announced today that a lawsuit he filed against a dry-cleaning company, accusing it of contaminating groundwater with a solvent it used in the cleaning process, has resulted in a $2.175 million settlement.

Labeling it the "largest judgment ever in a dry cleaner pollution case" involving a Texas county, Ryan said: "People who drop off their clothes for cleaning have a right to know if they are dealing with businesses that are contaminating the earth. We will continue to work to ensure that polluted groundwaters are properly cleaned up."

The action involved the former Hallmark Dry Cleaners on San Felipe Road in River Oaks, Ryan's office said.

According to Ryan's office:

The lawsuit accused Redonda Properties and Seven BC, doing business as San Felipe Joint Venture, SF Properties, and PMSV River Oaks, L.P. of allowing dry cleaning solvents to contaminate the soil and groundwater under and near the former Hallmark Dry Cleaners. According to the lawsuit the area is contaminated with perchlorethelyne (PERC), a solvent that causes cancer.

Money from the settlement will be divided equally between the county and the State of Texas.

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And where could I ask was this business located?  Perhaps the neighbors would like to be aware of this.


Now this is more like it Vince. Quit going after titties and imaginary menaces and do stuff that actually matters.

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