Get Your Tebow-Texans Week Started With...Memes!

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It's never too early to Tebow
This week brings the Houston Texans -- suddenly the hot talk as Super Bowl contenders, undefeated, looking to roll -- into the Big Apple for a big-stage Monday Night Football game against the reeling New York Jets.

Adding to the drama is the fact that Mark Sanchez, the Jets' starting QB, has sucked, head coach Rex Ryan needs to make a desperate move to keep his job, and sitting on the bench, ready to come in and perform miracles at a moment's notice, is Tim Tebow.

You remember Tebow, the seemingly hapless God-fearing quarterback who kept pulling rabbits out of hats as he led the Denver Broncos on a playoff run last year.

He's in New York now, and it's the Texans job to face him. And if you're facing Tim Tebow, there are probably memes involved. That's just how he (He?) and God like it.

So here are five to get Texans-Jesus Game Week started.

5. Thou shalt be blocked, or tipped, or even intercepted, saith J.J.

4.. In case Jesus ever considers accompanying Arian Foster to the Espys

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