The 25 Best Reasons To Love Texas In The Fall

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This way to autumn
Fall has arrived in Texas, and thank God.

There is no better time in the Lone Star State, for so many reasons.

The switch in season may be more subtle than it is in the north -- you never can get that far away from a Texas summer, after all -- but there's enough change in the air to signify that you've survived another August and are ready to enjoy the temperate conditions that come with fall down here.

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Here are a mere 25 reasons to bask in a Texas autumn. We're sure we're missing a few, so feel free to add on in the comments, on Facebook (or Houston Press' Facebook)or Twitter.

25. Hurricane season is OV-AHHHH
If we had our way -- and we so seldom do -- this would be a state holiday every year. Commonly accepted as falling on September 24, we'd be willing to make it a movable feast like Mardi Gras if necessary.

It marks the end of a summer breathlessly tracking "Invest 93" or some such disturbance which every TV meteorologist has on his screen, accompanied by CGI magic that has it blowing up from a slight rainstorm over the Atlantic to a Cat 4 rushing up the Ship Channel.

Ain't gonna happen once fall comes, though. And that's reason enough to celebrate big time, and a fitting kickoff to the new season.

24. Down-jacket spotting
You never need a puffy, North Face-style, full down jacket in Houston. Yet people start breaking them out around mid-October anyway.

23. Day of the Dead
We love our Day of the Dead here in Texas, especially in Houston.

A unique mix of fond remembrance, solemn heartache and celebration of life, it sums up the complicated but affecting mix of emotions and experience that autumn brings with it.

22. New Braunfels
The toobing crowds are gone, Schlitterbahn is closed, and now New Braunfels is ready for a relaxed road trip through the Hill Country. Stay at a nicely historic hotel like the Faust, hit up all the German restaurants, walk the river and the parks -- and don't worry about getting run down by a pick-up truck packed with UT frat boys hanging on for dear life (to their beers).

You can save that for the summer.

Welcome back, my friends...
21. It's oyster season again
Let's double-check: Is that an "R" in the month? Yessir. Time to get a dozen raw at your favorite spot, and haggle about whose favorite spot is the best.

Don't forget the cold, cold beer.

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Alan Monroe
Alan Monroe

Getting to see Paul McCartney in November!


#26 - Being able to get into your car and not burning your hands on the hot steering wheel.

Hugh Bishop
Hugh Bishop

A five percent decline in mosquito population.

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