Texans-Packers: ALL NEW BATTLE-DRINK Bingo Drinking Card

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It could be a rough Monday morning. Click here for a printable version of our Texans-Packers Bingo card.
The Texans come back this Sunday night to play the Green Bay Packers on the dreaded "short work week," having just played the New York Jets on Monday night. Much like the players having to summon all of their recuperative powers to be near the top of their game on Sunday, so too must you, the weekend drinker, raise your level of play to be ready for Sunday night.

I would also suggest that pacing yourselves this particular Sunday will be of supreme importance given the 7:30 p.m. kickoff time. Load up on the barbecue and the carbs during the day so that you can overload on the barley and hops at night.

And if I'm alluding to drinking as some sort of quasi-competitive sport, then you know that can only mean one thing -- we have a BRAND NEW Battle-Drink BINGO card for all of you to put to use on Sunday night, customized to reflect the latest happenings with the Texans and to reflect their upcoming opponent, the slightly reeling 2-3 Pack.

After the rousing success of the Monday night Battle-Drink card, our plan now is to have a new card for every Texans game the remainder of the season, all the way up through the Super Bowl! (See what I did there?)

Of course, as we unveil this week's card, we encourage you to drink as responsibly as possible and do NOT drink and drive!

As for this week's Battle-Drink card, here is an overview of the noteworthy additions and changes:

B1 - Matt Schaub two-finger "under the helmet" wipe.
Got this one from my man Jeff Kollar (@kollarj on Twitter). This is one of those things that you never really notice, but once someone points it out to you you can picture it immediately. Jeff says it's good for 15 sips. That might be conservative.

B4 - Shot of a Packer fan in cheesehead
If this game were in Green Bay, it would be alcohol poisoning waiting to happen. As it is, with the way Green Bay travels, it will be...well, alcohol poisoning waiting to happen anyway.

B5 - Texans run a trick play
On our show yesterday on 1560 Yahoo! Sports Radio, John Granato and I were trying to remember the last time Gary Kubiak called a legit trick play in a game. We arrived at the Chris Brown option pass against Jacksonville in 2009 that was picked off in the end zone. Since then...well....you know how everyone has one type of hard alcohol they got sick on in college and they can't even smell it anymore without feeling nauseous? (Mine is Southern Comfort.) Well, that's Kubiak and trick plays. Trick plays make him vomit. And if he decides to run one, he will make you vomit.

I3 - Owen "DANIEL" reference
I4 - Kevin "WALTERS" reference
I5 - J.J. "WATTS" reference

Announcers who can't get the "S or no S after a last name" thing right are truly exasperating. This one will hit at some point in the telecast. I'm betting on Tony Dungy or Rodney Harrison butchering Kevin Walter's last name.

N1 - Brett Favre mentioned
If Madden were still doing these NBC games, you'd be checking on your life insurance right before kickoff because of this rule.

N5 - JJ Watt "swatts" a pass
This one was in the "G1" slot on Monday, so it paid off with three shotguns. Hopefully, you all realize that we are playing under a strict honor code and you did your three shotguns. The Battle-Drink gods are watching, people! And you better keep that in mind because....

G1 - John McClain tweets "pathetic"
....guess what got moved to "G1"! Yeah, that's right, if the Texans start playing poorly, John McClain is gonna Battle-Drink you under the table! Look at the damage from the Monday night game:

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@starpizzahou @seancablinasian The innovator. #getyourdrinkon


@SeanCablinasian @antoniosmith94 @arianfoster @connorbarwin98 @mschaub8 awesome post!


@SeanCablinasian Our Def. does have a "Texas Tech" vibe in that we haven't played many good qbs. But our o-line isn't Chicago's! Over wins!


@SeanCablinasian Sean if you have any pull can you please remind Schaub that he has A. Johnson on his team.Killing my fantasy team. Go Irish


@SeanCablinasian Awesome! Can't wait for Sunday, has potential to be a very long day. Thanks for the Twitter love.

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