Texans-Ravens: NEW BATTLE-DRINK Bingo Drinking Card (a.k.a. "Jacoby's Revenge")

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Illustrations by Monica Fuentes
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I think you probably realize that when I put this Battle-Drink card together each week, many of the entries are done with tongue firmly planted in cheek. I don't expect B.J. Raji to eat Toro, or for Toro to crash his four-wheeler, or for Jon Weeks to get a tackle. That's why I put these in the ridiculous "5 row" under "Shotgun" or "Shots."

So when I say that I had no idea J.J. Watt would mimic Aaron Rodgers's "discount double check" belt move, thus forcing you to do five shotguns, you have to believe me! Your liver has to believe me! I swear I had no idea he was going to do that.

So assuming you've recovered, let's get ready for some hair off the dog that bit ya, and go to this week's Battle-Drink BINGO drinking game card!

First, let's point out a few nuances of this week's card for the huge matchup of our 5-1 Texans against the hated 5-1 Baltimore Ravens:

N4 -- Promo for Survivor: Philippines
I couldn't decide which CBS program to put in the "promo drink" square, but ultimately settled on Survivor: Philippines in honor of former Astro Jeff Kent. Also, I just don't think cross-promoting football with Two Broke Girls was going to happen nearly as much over the course of a game.

G3 -- Any reference to The Wire
Television has been around for a while, to the point where now every major city probably has a show that is identified with it. For Baltimore, it's a no brainer. It's The Wire. So any reference to Ray Lewis as Omar Little, or Joe Flacco as a unibrowed, sober version of McNulty...these will result in drinks.


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@SeanCablinasian Room in Norman- check. Game day sign- check. Tickets to OU/Irish game - #asgoodasitgets #Sooners #Irish


@SeanCablinasian I'm not sure what is more unrealistic - Jacoby taking a chair to Toro or John Weeks making a tackle. #BATTLEDRINK


@HoustonPress Go Texans!

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