Stormy Christopher Smith: Splendora Dandy Is a Skyperv, Police Say

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Montgomery County Jail
Stormy Christopher Smith: Not even a wolf-shirt could save him from the long arm of the law.
In June, after the 15-year-old Humble girl at the center of these alleged crimes ran away from home to be with her secret boyfriend, 23-year-old Stormy Christopher Smith of Splendora, the girl's father confiscated all her electronic devices. He thought that would bring the age-inappropriate relationship to an end.

But according to a Harris County arrest affidavit, the father underestimated Smith's tech skills, if not his wisdom. On August 22, the father discovered that Smith had given his daughter an iPod on which she had downloaded sleazy texts from Smith and illicit Skype screenshots. The father turned the iPod over to Harris County Precinct 4 Constables, who obtained a search warrant for its contents.

Among their findings:

-- A text from Smith reading "Mhm. Those boobies would be giving me a huge boner." (Not to make light, but we can't help but read that in Beavis voice.)

-- Screenshots showing Smith exhibiting his genitals in a lewd manner.

After the girl's sister positively identified the background of the screenshots as being the interior of Smith's apartment, constables got a search warrant and raided his lair.

There they found a laptop and several external hard drives. On the laptop, they found several saved Skype sessions showing Smith and the girl mutually masturbating; on some, Smith is heard instructing the girl to put her finger "inside herself." (On others, she is seen inserting paint brushes in her vagina.)

His mullet freshly conditioned and rocking his finest wolf-shirt, Smith agreed to come down and talk to police voluntarily. After owning up to his role in the videos and texts, he was charged with two felonies: sexual performance by a child and online solicitation of a minor.

Smith was jailed on September 29. Bond has been set at $369,911. He remains behind bars in the Harris County Jail as of now.

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I have to agree with anonymous. Her father had given her permission to date, and 2 eldest girls were being abused. However what the police found is inexcusable. Also, he doesn't live in an apartment O.o As my attorney says, "I only believe about 52% of what i read. The rest is media hype. There's always another side."

She did not run away to be with "secret boyfriend," she ran away because her father was and probably still is sexually abusing her and her sisters. Her father did not want them together, because he knew that Stormy could and would have done anything to save her from that abuse even if it meant that he would get sent to jail. What I want to know is how the heck the police can let the girls FATHER get away with abusing them and go straight for the boyfriend that was only trying to save her. Such a pitiful word we live in these days.


"Splendora Dandy"  That was good for a guffaw.


@HoustonPress That is a super fresh mullet though.

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