UPDATED: Shannon Marc McClure: Cops Say He Slammed Tot Head-First on Tiles

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Shannon Marc McClure: One of the more smug mugs we've seen here.

Editor's Update, June 30, 2014: This case was not prosecuted and Shannon Marc McClure was granted an expungement order for this arrest from the Harris County District Court.

Harris County sheriff's deputies say a Spring-area man intentionally dropped his common-law wife's three-year-old son on a tile floor.

Shannon Marc McClure, 43, is charged with reckless injury to a child, a second-degree felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

Investigators say that McClure and the woman had been arguing, and McClure carried some of the woman's stuff outside and locked her out when she tried to retrieve it.

McClure, reportedly six-foot-three and 240 pounds, was alone inside with the child while the mom was pounding on the door and demanding to be let inside. McClure finally relented, and the woman discovered that the child had bumps on his neck and back. Deputies believe the child got them from McClure throwing him on a tile floor.

Back in 1987, McClure, an avid fan of Michael Berry, Dennis Miller, Michael Savage and just about every other right-wing yakker on the dial and/or tube, was convicted of criminal mischief in Montgomery County and sentenced to six months of probation. A weapons charge was dismissed.

He is currently free on a $15,000 bond.

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@Schitt.Rumpney Here is the follow up story, Mr. Schitt, charges dropped. There was no evidence for the arrest in the first place. Since you like to talk about sticking meat in something, you are no doubt still looking for your first piece of man tail. You should lay off commenting on unfortunate incidences that happen to good people. Instead, to solve your issues, hang out at the detention center and wait on your "Bubba" to be released. He could teach you a few tricks he learned in prison since you are so interested in the gay sex that happens in jails. The pig ears and snout on your photo simply means you want a man to do the"Deliverance" treatment to you, get you on all fours and rub your pig belly telling you to squeal like the pig you are.Frustrated down low homos like you are easy to spot. Your wife has already caught you watching gay porn, she has kicked you out of the bedroom. You are too ugly for a man of any size, thus you frustration has been revealed. Pig Boy, squeal for me baby!!!


This writer, JOHN LOMAX is the real story. He writes about anal drinking, child molestation, underage three somes, child porn, nudity....This guy is a pervert and is an avid supporter of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, NANCY PELOSI, HARRY REID and any other left wing sicko that enjoys reading LEFT WING filth. LOMAX donates to the DEMOCRATIC PARTY and tries to find solace in belittling conservatives. Only a LIBERAL would write this trash.


I know this guy and his girlfriend n it really hard to beleive this.I know the girlfriend is a real drama queen and once tried to open car door while he was driving  on fwy. cause they were arguing. I can't beleive that he did that,they were always fighting (not physcial) had she not been pregant she would not have been there anyway. She's bipolar ,always mad about something  no job and married to someone else. What I know Marc is guilty of is always tring to help someone and being a very bad picker of women. Everyone he hooks up with has some kind of issues, they want to fight or he has to pay them to leave his house and or leave him alone. He loves kidsand I would leave mine with him any day cause I know he would not harm them n anyway.


Any man that would slam a three year old child on his head onto a tile floor does not deserve to be allowed to be free on bond!! A second degree felony charge and the man is out already? Pure bullshit! Someone needs to take his ass and slam him head first into a tile floor! That is, if they are able to pick him up! I hope he gets everything that he deserves!


This is HORRIBLE! The bond set for this man was way too low! He should still be sitting in jail! Actually, this is no man at all. A man would not dare do something such as this. He is pure evil! I pray that he gets exactly what he deserves~to spend the next 20 years in jail!


I dont understand how this persons political beliefs tie into what he did to this poor child. The political beliefs did not do this to the child....this monster did! It does not matter if this person is Republican or Democrat...he was wrong & should face the consequences


Cant wait to read the follow-up article where some of his "roomies"up at tha jail-hauss slams HIS ass into the floor every night then feed him some "Johnsons" formula each night for so freakin long till the taste is second nature. When he gits out, from then on when he stuffs his mouth with unfamiliar meat....he wont say "tastes like chicken". Hell naw! He will be saying "mmmm! Taste - like - (oscar meyer!)"......use word of choice in ace.of tha weenee.

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