Mario Gallegos's Final Words: "Fuck Vouchers"

Mario Gallegos had one last thing to say.
You can say whatever you want about State Senator Mario Gallegos -- and there was plenty, good or bad, to say about him -- but the man apparently knew how to make an exit.

As he was on his deathbed, he had one message left for his final words: "Fuck vouchers."

Policy Man!!

The "fuck vouchers" quote seems, as far as we can tell, to come from behind a paywall site, but in these Internet days it's difficult to say who got it first. We'll be glad to credit whoever did, but we first saw it as a Texas Weekly quote of the week.

Gallegos's last words may not be up there with Oscar Wilde's alleged "Either these curtains go, or I do," but then again the senator was in Methodist Hospital, where the curtains are just perfectly acceptable.

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Luis Cabrera
Luis Cabrera

Gangsta. It was this wallpaper goes or I do.


I can only imagine Rick Perry's last word would be, "Oops."

David Aulds
David Aulds

My last words will be...LIBERALS SUCK!!!


Gallegos may have been a rabid liberal Democrat, but at the end of the day, none of the wordly stuff matters. He was another soul entering into eternity, headed for judgment day, so hope these weren't really his final words.


@HairBallsNews If you really wanted to make a point with your last words, what would you say? #EmphaticLastWords

MadMac topcommenter

@John1837 More like "hey, that looks like the fake cat I shot, but aliv--"

Kylejack topcommenter

 @Queenie Thou shall not say a word that hasn't even been invented yet. Which commandment was that, again?

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