"Leave Or Die Fags": Message Scrawled on Gay Texas Couple's Porch

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A gay couple from the Panhandle woke to find a threatening message painted on their porch, and they think the perpetrator was egged on by an anti-gay and blatantly political newspaper ad taken out by a Church of Christ pastor.

According to Connectamarillo.com, Joshua Harrison and Jeremy Jeffers say they found "Leave or die fags" painted on their front porch Monday morning, and the local sheriff has said that he is treating the death threat as a hate crime.

The two have been living as a couple for about 18 months in Clarendon, Texas, population 2,026. They told Connectamarillo.com that they had little trouble until September 20, when the Clarendon Enterprise ran an ad penned by Clarendon Church of Christ pastor Chris Moore.

Moore's ad claims that "the Homosexual Movement" wants to eradicate all age of consent laws, thus, in Moore's words, making "our children legal prey for pedophiles."

The ad also states the "the Homosexual Movement" wants to allow people of every orientation to marry multiple partners, each of whom would be able to share medical benefits with any one spouse who was covered.

"So if 2 or more people want to be considered a 'married group,' and one has a job with benefits, they want everyone in their 'love group' covered," Moore groused. "Who do you think pays for that perverted lifestyle?"

The ad goes on to characterize committed lesbian partners as "vile," and states that this agenda has allies in Barack Obama and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. (Moore is no stranger to blending church and state; his church's blog stumps for a Ten Commandments monument to be placed on the lawn of the Donley County Courthouse.)

"You can't call yourself a Christian and continue to vote for these people who would enable this kind of perversion. Please consider these things as our election looms closer. Ginsburg has pancreatic cancer and will be replaced no later than the next term, whoever the president is. Obama will replace her with another just like her. You and I can make a real difference."

Jeffers and Harrison claim that the ad has made a "real difference" in their lives already.

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In response to their ridiculous newspaper ad, I would have taken one out the next week listing some statistics relating to Christianity.


Things like the number of wars fought in its name, how many people have died, the number of religious officials that have been convicted of pedophilia, information about the cover-ups, etc...


At the end it would just say, "Who is the real danger?"


Fucking fundamentalist bigots.



 What wars are directly related to Christianity?  I'm would like this information, I find it interesting.  I'm aware of the Crusades, but those were completed by the Catholic Church, which most people associate with Christianity but it is not.  Catholisicm is more of a archaic kingdom than a legitimate religion.  Catholics (the authority within) are the ones who facilitate the cover-ups and continued pedophilia as well.


If there are Christian wars please let me know which ones, I would like to research them.  Catholicism started as a theocracy and it hasn't changed since it's conception.



The thirty year war

the French Wars of Religion

Second Sudanese Civil War

Lebanese Civil War

The Crusades add 23 more. (there were more then nine.)

You can't parse Religions, dude, if one is not legitimate then none of them are. You can say that they are not Christian but they involve Christ in their teachings, hence, i would think that they are CHRISTians, no?



Catholicism is not Christian now?


Ok... and Bacon isn't meat.

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