Justin Rowe -- When Keepin' It Real Goes Wrong, Volume XXXIV: Keying a Cop Car With A Cop Inside

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Trinity County Jail
Justin Rowe: He might look like Mister Spock, but his alleged action was not logical.
What is it with Trinity County ne'er-do-wells? They can't seem to refrain from taunting cops in utterly asinine ways.

Four months ago, there was Jonathan Thompson, a frequent miscreant who deemed it wise to taunt the chief county constable by getting a tattoo reading "Woody Wallace Can Suck My Dick."

And now there's the case of 27-year-old Justin Everett Rowe.

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According to Trinity County Constables, deputy Ricky Hope was sitting in his patrol car outside the Trinity Community Fair Friday night when Rowe walked up, whipped out a pocketknife, and scratched the car from front to back.

Rowe took off running when Hope got out of the car, but was soon apprehended. After his arrest Rowe was charged with criminal mischief causing damages over $1,500 and under $20,000, a state-jail felony that could land him behind bars for two years.

Wallace, the constable on the infamous tattoo, told KTRE that he was uncertain whether or not Rowe knew a cop was aboard the cruiser he defaced.

"I just know that he was drunk," Wallace said.

Yeah, we kinda figured. And stupid too.

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Rindy Curtis
Rindy Curtis

Just another of Trinity's finest citizens!!

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