Which Joe Biden Will Show Tonight? Hopefully The One From The Onion

biden debate.jpg
The Onion
Will The Onion's Joe Biden show up tonight?
"Sensual, powerful, Biden."

So says The Onion. Vice President Joe Biden has been quite possibly the most-parodied man over the last four years. Gregarious, toothy, and with that "Hey-just-call-me-Joe" air about him, he's been the exact opposite of Obama, who's brains and little fire. Biden, meanwhile, is all emotion. Last month at the Democratic National Convention, he emoted all over the nation amid a spectacularly over-the-top speech involving his semi-creepy unrelenting fealty to Obama.

This sort of brazen confidence and swagger has made Biden a wildly easy target. And so, in honor of tonight's debates between Biden and Paul Ryan, let the parodies begin!

Biden Cancels Hennessy Tour Under White House Pressure: The Onion

Biden had exactly the swagger and international play-boy status the liqueur was after.

Shirtless Biden Washes Trans Am In White House Driveway: The Onion

biden shirtless washing tran am.jpg
How Joe Biden spends his days off

Just a lil' taste: " 'Hey, hot stuff, looking good," Biden told a passing aide in the parody. "Would you know where I could get a little bucket and sponge action? My mean machine needs to be cleaned.'

"After acquiring the necessary washing materials, the bare-chested second-in-command returned to the driveway, where he spent several moments staring in apparent awe at the firebird decal on the hood of his car."

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