Jack Logan, Registered Sex Offender, Violates Protective Order AND Leaves Kiddy Porn-Filled Laptop at Estranged Wife's Home

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Photo by Harris County Precinct 4 Constables
Jack Edward Logan: He might not be sharp, but he's definitely a tool.
After he'd been convicted of assaulting his wife twice, Jack Edward Logan thought it would be a good idea to just go ahead and violate the protective order she'd taken out against him.

That was bad idea number one, and it netted him a felony charge.

Bad ideas numbers two and three: He took his laptop with him and left it behind when he left his angry estranged wife's northeast Houston home.

The wife fired up the laptop and had a look through his files and found at least three images of child pornography on it. Bingo, three more felonies.

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Which might not have been a shock to her, because years ago, Logan was court-martialed and booted out of the navy for a similar offense. He's been on the sex offender registry ever since.

But wait...There's more!

This kiddy porn-loving wife-beater was also once charged with animal cruelty. Back in 2003, he was accused of firing an arrow through a cat. A jury acquitted him. The records do not state whether he was acquitted because he did not actually shoot the cat, or because the jury believed that plugging a kitty with a bow and arrow did not constitute cruelty to animals. (Feral cats, as opposed to strays or pets, are viewed by the state as wildlife and can be shot or trapped with impunity, so long as you are outside of the city limits.)

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I've worked with Jack and know him somewhat, I'm definitly not taking up for him, he does have a strange and creepy side. Also I know nothing of the case other than what is reported by the news. I've not seen or been in contact with Jack in a long time. One thing the reader ought to know is that a guy like this attracts a strange girl. Knowing what I know of his estranged wife, who had him living with her after the restraining order was issued I might add, is extremely vindictive. It would not suprise me in the least that she got onto his laptop and downloaded the material after he left for whatever reason. But in the same breath I have to say I wouldn't be suprised if in fact he was a perv. Strange folks indeed, sad thing is they have reproduced more than once.

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