Huntin' Season Begins: A Collection of Old-Time Hunting and Boozing Ads

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Right now in the state of Texas, thousands of virile Texan fathers, uncles, brothers and grandpas are heading to leases all over this great part of the union to track, shoot, skin and mount furry things.

Yes, it's hunting season again in the Lone Star State.

Whether you are wielding the family deer rifle, a newfangled AR-15 or something else cool and possibly quasi-illegal, hunting season is a big part of the Texas experience. Like voting for Rick Perry, your money and your daughter going to College Station and getting a DWI.

Hair Balls found some great vintage hunting ads, some that comically add booze to the hunting experience. Let's be honest, though, drinking and hunting go hand in hand. It's not a pretty thought, as dumb and dangerous as it is.

I will say this: You haven't lived until you have taken a good long swig from a bottle of Jameson before taking aim at a feral hog with a locked and loaded AR. The post-coital feeling of slamming a round or two into charging hog is only intensified with the introduction of some of the best whiskey known to man into your system.

Or so I have been told.

It's all fun and games until one of these kids locks himself in his closet with a head full of LSD in a few years after he gets drafted.

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