Yes, But How Do White Supremacists Celebrate Halloween?

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Some people want a White Halloween in addition to a White Christmas...
Halloween is one of our favorite holidays here at Hair Balls, and we just love to see how different communities get into the spirit. Where better to learn about new ways to enjoy the holiday than white supremacist forum site Here are snippets of past Halloween discussions you can find on the site right now.

WhiteCamellia writes: "The negroes bring their kids here every Halloween in van and carfuls, to get 'better pickings,' as another poster said. Last year I gave out old, stale candy to them, in the hopes it would prevent them from coming around again this year."

But it's not only the negroes who are spoiling a White Halloween.

Southern Shadow writes: "Our neighborhood is almost exclusively white but on halloween there is a sea of beaners walking our streets begging candy from the white people....Hopefully when the supply of candy dwindles the beaners will get the message and go elsewhere."

Shane Smith writes: "Costume idea; Write numbers on your forearm and go out as a liar. Very scary."

Very scary indeed, Shane!

Kradmelder also gave us something to chew on: "While people may dress up like vampires, witches, and devils tonight, they are all really harmless. But blacks, mexicans, and especially jews are real monsters by human standards....Vampires only drink blood in the movies but jews have a long and well documented history of murdering people and using their blood in their talmudic rituals."

You said it, Kradmelder -- oy vey!

Here's one for the Bayou City, from 14words of truth: "In Houston, where the Jews and their Federal Government have allowed even more criminal alien invaders to infest that fine city, plus the professional criminals resettled there from Katrina as well, the Houston Police issued warnings not to open your door for Halloween!

That's right, 14 -- safety first!

Another outstanding costume idea, from Whitepwr88: "One year I took some black shoe polish and covered my face, neck and arms, and rode around on a bike, they asked what I was for halloween, told them I'm a thief."

Here's our buddy Kradmelder again: "I will pass out cheap sugar based candy. Mexicans are real prone to diabetes and I want to help them get to Hell as soon as possible."

Hair Balls must admit our sweet-tooth as well -- we definitely prefer "sugar based" candy to "flour based" candy!

MinisterFredE weighs in on the issue of tradition: "Going round the streets dressed as Obamas, sorry I meant Zombies, threatening people into giving you sweets isn't my idea of a White tradition, sounds more like a Negro excuse for mugging Whites."

TheHulk offers a good idea for a last-minute costume: "I'm going as a proud white man...sure to scare the hell out of people!!"

C'mon, TheHulk -- can't you put a little more thought into it? What about going as a proud white werewolf?

Well, there you have it. Now we're off to score some sugar based candy!

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Solution:  Candy Corns.   Nobody likes them.


If you would answer the tricked or treated at the door, with you white hoods and capes on, you wouldn't have this problem. See Ya, Sabotauge


Thanks for Quoting me, I stand by what I wrote too, not that Blacks need an excuse to go round mugging White people, it's a vocation with someof them.


By a strange coincidence, Happy Halloween ! can be abbreviated as HH.

Just like Heil Hitler !


I'm disguised in Ash ke Nazi.

Happy Holiday !


Africa for the Africans


Asia for the Asians


White countries for everyone?


Because diversity really just means fewer White people.


Anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-White.


whiterabbitradio (dot) net



God DAMN I love this country! Where else can everyone express their varying, fascinating opinions, reguardless of how un-PC they might be (except I still can't yell fire in public :( ) ?! It'd be pretty boring if everyone had to be of the same opinion. I'm not diabetic yet, but I AM hispanic, so I might as well eat me some sugar-based candies today. I dine in hell for Halloween!!!!


Damn, whitey... you so crazy...


Hey Craig, thanks for the free advertising for Stormfront.  I'm only a new member (Defiant White)   but I like the site.  Lots of great insights into the enemies of the white race presented with a bit of humor.  Stormfront is the kind of website you multicult Lefties wish you had if you could muster sufficient wit and interest to pull it off. 


Personally, I don't screw around with sugar candy, stale candy or what-not.  I just post a sign:  WHITE CHILDREN ONLY.  NO BLACKS, MEXICANS OR JEWS ALLOWED. Yeah, the first couple of years, it drew comment.  Now everyone knows and come Halloween, the muds don't bother me and I don't bother them.  That's  all we whites really want:  To live our life without intrusions 


You're welcome to invite them all to your house. 


Happy Halloween. 


 @defiant707 "enemies of the white race"? What does that mean? If I recall middle-school science class correctly there are 3 races: caucasian, mongoloid and negroid. So Mexican and Jews could be part of the "white race" you mention, right?

Or is there something else I'm missing? Hell, I'm for the human race and rationality, not dividing us up into tribes.




 @defiant707 Hey, why don't you post your address so we can all come & visit?  



@auslander @defiant707 Your middle school teacher was not that knowledgable. Negritos, for example, are not Caucasoid, Mongoloid or Negroid. Also.. Caucasoid does not equal White. Europeans are White. That is who the term White was created about. Mexicans are not an ethnicity, they are a nationality. There are Whites in Mexico. Spaniards. There are also Native Mexicans, who are Mongoloid... and Mestizos... who are mixed race. While I am not going to debate White Nationalism here... visit us at SF for that. I think you have a bit to learn about anthropology. I live next to the Flathead Reservation in Montana, so even I spend more time learning it than you apparently do.




How can you be for 'the human race' and 'rationality'? The two statements contradict. There is no 'human race'; human is a species made up of many sub-races. And yes the Caucasian race is made up of many peoples such as Indians and Semites etc. We use the word 'White' to mean specifically European Caucasians of non-Jewish descent.  How hard is that to understand?


Oh and Humans are tribal by nature.


 @EarlTurner  @auslander Well since I'm sure you're a man of faith, why did god make it so that all the sub-races could mate up and reproduce successfully? What was he thinking? And yet mating with your best dog buddies would come to nothing, even if carried out in a pickup truck.


You guys sound like a lot of fun, finding all these differences that separate us. I'd venture to say that y'all embody the case against inbreeding.

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