Lance Zierlein & Charlie Pallilo Teaming Up? Great News for Local Sports Radio

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Radio is getting better.
There are a couple of great sportstalk radio hosts in town, guys who regularly rack up Best of Houston® awards in the relevant categories.

Two of the top: Lance Zierlein and Charlie Pallilo.

Both are with KBME 790, and both have faced problems that have hampered their styles.

Pallilo is a nerdlinger stat freak; some cross him off as a know-it-all (a rival station sometimes runs ads subtly referring to him as a "douchebag"). He needs to bounce off a more informal co-host who can keep him grounded, such as when he was with Rich Lord on 610.

Zierlein, after a start-up move at KGOW didn't pan out (unfortunately; his pairing with John Granato was entertaining and informative), moved to KBME's morning show last year.

His problem -- he's drowned out by the other two hosts, who fight cage-death battles trying to get their two cents in.

Neither of the shows shined as a result.

That's about to change, and it's hard to see how it will not be for the better: KBME has announced that Zierlein and Pallilo will be teaming up for an afternoon-drive show.

This should be good stuff -- Zierlein can geek up the stats and history with the best of them, and Pallilo can be funny and riff in the right situation.

Score one for the listeners.

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Even though these guys have distinctly different personalities and backgrounds, they're both smart guys with quirky senses of humor. They both also have a good sense of their roles as sports talk hosts, who may be more "the story" than, say, a typical newspaper sports reporter, but they must let current events in sports drive the conversation. 


This ought to work well.

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

I love this move, as Innes is just... awful.  That said, I feel for Adam Clanton, who just took over afternoons at 1560.  He's a great radio talent who might get drowned out in this.  I'd love to see Adam take Josh's job.  Rich & Adam vs. Charlie and Lance?  Now that would be a great competition.


Thank You!!


"unfortunately; his pairing with John Granato was entertaining and informative"


Who ever screwed that deal up (Beefy Boys??) is a moron.



@HoustonPress couldn't agree more with the take. So many times in the morning I find myself saying, Will y'all shut up and let lance talk

jeffbalke topcommenter

Big fan of this move. I've secretly thought for several years now that this would be the ideal pairing for sports radio in Houston. Now, I wonder if that whole $5k ratings bet Zierlein and Innes were talking about on Twitter will happen. :)


You've got your chocolate in my peanut butter!  I am SO excited about this move! It's like the radio Gods have found the two greatest hosts ever! Two great tastes that taste great together! Chocolate and Peanut Butter!


But some people don't like chocolate. Some people like butterscotch. Me? I like Scotchscotch. Forget butter. If anyone can do this and make it work, it is Lance Zierlein. He's got the height and he makes eye contact when he talks to people. Charlie reminds me of a smaller, skinnier, less fluffier, less-use-of-a-canier, less social, and more sports knowledgeable Lotso from Toy Story 3. I think he will welcome the newcomer with open arms but secretly want things to go back to the way they were. Yes, there will be a Smeagol period. Charlie will flop around with a fish in his mouth trying to be friendly and warm. But when Frodo, Samwise, and Lance go to sleep Gollum will gnash his teeth and viciously snarl for his precious solo slot. 


I am so pumped! This is going to be amazing! The 2012 Texans are 2-0. Well the 2012 Houston Sports Radio audience is right on their heels. We are 1-0. 


There is a Houston Press 'In Case You Missed It' story popping up about an Allegedly Penis-devouring Pirahna Relative Hauled Out of Texas River'. So I gotta go.


If Charlie buys in then this will be great. Rich and Charlie were the best. This could be better. I can't see myself ever changing by radio from 790 now.


Bad move.  I like charlie and i like lance, they each should have their own show.  


 @Jason That deal was screwed up twice: once by 610's management when they let Granato get away after hosing him on his contract, and once by David Gow at 1560 by not having Lance work without a contract for 2 years.  When you have like 17 kids -- Lance I love you man, but you should look into this newfangled thing called 'birth control' -- you need the security of a contract.  


 @grinch Lance just doesn't work well on his own, just like Rich Lord doesn't.  They both need someone else to bounce stuff off of and to react to.I like Charlie solo, but his pauses are too long and he has a serious tendency to get caught up in minutiae for too long.  Charlie was at his best with Rich Lord, just like Lance was at his best with John Granato, probably the two best host teams Houston sports talk has ever seen.  


This new pairing -- with one guy from each of those duos -- will be interesting.  I hope it works out.

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