Cringe-Worthy: The Five Worst TV Ads On NFL Games This Season (So Far)

Eddie Money on the way down
It's NFL season, which means some of us are getting back in front of the television set again after an extended break.

It almost means a slew of new TV ads, and between those two aspects it means some football fans are being exposed to the latest and not-so-greatest in boob-tube commercials.

How grim has it been so far? Here are five of the worst.

5. "We just had us a Journey moment" And Journey moments are the best of all, because for most of us a "Journey moment" encompasses the amount of time it took to hit the radio preset button whenever a Journey song came on, and that was something that could be measured in nanoseconds.

Best part of this is that 30 years on, Tough Guy has to somehow hide the fact from his wife that the concert in question was "crawling with chicks," although maybe he's ducking from the use of archaic language rather than the fact he might have met other women previous to getting married.

4. The Accu-Chek Nano We've tried to imagine products that are the least likely to spawn a perky, allegedly catchy commercial jingle, and a blood-sugar tester never even entered our mind.

Obviously, it should have.

"The Acc-Chek nano, you light up the day...No coding for me -- hey, hey, hey, hey, HEYYY!!!"

As it turns out, we are in the midst of having to use a similar product, for non-diabetes-related purposes. If there's one thing we're feeling as we prick our finger, it's goddamn perky.


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