Vince Young's Money: Where It All Went

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Five places the cash could have gone
In addition to carving out a flash-in-the-pan NFL career, former Longhorn QB Vince Young has apparently burned through cash like a heavyweight boxer on a binge.

He's involved in nasty court cases that point to empty pockets despite having gotten $26 million in guaranteed payments via contracts. (Update: A court hearing today didn't change the situation much.)

Even for a pro athlete with a UT "degree" and an allegedly single-digit Wonderlic, it takes a hell of a lot to go broke so fast with so much to start with.

Young was up to the job, it seems. How did he do it? Likely these five steps were included:

5. Those Rewind With Mack Brown Blu-Rays aren't cheap
Unfortunately for VY, stocking up on Longhorn Network DVDs isn't an inexpensive proposition, but it's one that can't be avoided. How else to revel in the time-warp graphics of Rewind With Mack Brown, best appreciated as you're watching and desperately hoping this episode covers the 2006 Rose Bowl once again and not the 2012 New Mexico game?

Also, you never want to be without when the urge to see the show summarized as "Golfers Spieth, Stone Stop By The LHN Studios" strikes you.

4. Tattoos, and their proper display
The sophisticated young UT grad alumnus former player realizes the best way to represent his university, and any professional outfits he then is employed by, is to appear glassy-eyed and shirtless on a nightclub floor. This requires, of course, the purchase of many expensive tattoos, all of which the former player has been informed represent ancient Chinese symbols of strength, or perhaps Mandarin ideographs for "Madison High."

It also requires the constant purchase of new shirts, since the discarded ones always seem to get lost.


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