Security Guards in the Champagne Room: Judge Puts the (Temporary) Squeeze on Treasures

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What fun is a strip club if the talent has to "keep their behinds covered"?
Classy "gentlemen's club" Treasures must install additional security cameras, hire extra security guards, and run state and federal background checks on all staff and contract workers (i.e., boob-jigglers), per a temporary injunction issued Monday.

The injunction is a victory for the Harris County Attorney's Office, which sued the Westheimer titty bar in May for allegedly allowing prostitution and drug deals inside the club. A trial is set for December 10 in Harris County Civil Court.

"Our evidence showed of course that it was a multi-million dollar credit card whorehouse...masquerading as a glamorous topless bar," First Assistant County Attorney Terence O'Rourke told Hair Balls.

According to a press release from the County Attorney's Office, Judge Alexandra Smoots-Hogan ordered the club's owners to install and continuously operate 14 additional video cameras and turn the video over to the County Attorney's Office each week; randomly drug-test all employees; and ensure that dancers follow a strict dress code and "keep their behinds covered."

Although it wasn't mentioned in the press release, O'Rourke said that contract workers (the dancers) must also submit to random drug tests. He also said that employees' and contractors' handbags have to be opened in front of the cameras; that all employees and contractors must submit to state and federal background checks; and that four additional security guards must be present on-site, even in the private champagne room.

Treasures -- which O'Rourke said is the state's largest retailer of alcohol, paying over $4 million a year in excise taxes -- is owned by brothers Ali and Hassan Davari, who were once the targets of a federal money-laundering investigation.

Club lawyers Paul Nugent and Casey Wallace weren't reachable Monday, but we hope to get their take soon.

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Oh yeah....nearly forgot to ask: where are all the defenders of dancers and a young woman's right to choose legal employment?


SARAH TRESSLER supporters: you seemed to support her right to work, when the animus was aimed at her as an individual... so, where's all that canned outrage about potentially depriving her all her stripping sisters of a similar chance of making some money? 



"Keep big government out of our lives" ....except when it comes to consenting adults getting their sexual jollies. Or seek relief through drugs. Or when women choose an abortion. Then we need these wise arbiters of virtue....who themselves often end up in gent's clubs or gay bars.


This will drive up the price of BJs.


Also, the state can use the $4,000,000 in taxes collected.

jeffbalke topcommenter

People were having a strip club...FOR MONEY?? NO! Tha't CAN'T BE TRUE!

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