Some Sanity Coming to Houston's Heavy Trash Pickup?

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It's junk time.
Solid waste, in terms of heavy trash pickup, is one of those essential but annoying city services you'd just as well like to take for granted.

It's essential because, obviously, you want your crap taken away when the city says it will take your crap away.

It's annoying because often that job can seem more difficult for the city to pull off than you might think, and you're left with a curbside of eyesore and a bad-neighbor rap.

Now, thanks partly to a push by city councilmember Ellen Cohen, the job of taking away that broken furniture and large flotsam and jetsam might be getting more manageable for the city and, therefore, for you.

Beginning in November, the city's Solid Waste Department will introduce a new pickup schedule that "groups neighborhoods together so that larger contiguous areas will share the same heavy trash pickup day," Cohen's office has announced.

"Should Solid Waste miss your junk waste or tree waste, it will now be easier for them to return to your home the same day, since they will still be in the neighborhood," the announcement says. "The increase in efficiency means budget savings in terms of fuel and maintenance."

Garbage and recycling pickup dates are staying the same for neighborhoods, but heavy trash pickups are changing. The new schedule gives the details, and here's some of it:

Lots of nice colors

What they mean

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@HoustonPress It's about time the Solid Waste trash pick-up schedule coincides with the needs of the communities it serves.

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