5 Things the Shuttle Endeavour Needs to Do in Its Houston Layover

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Photo by NASA
You've got unfinished Houston business, Endeavour.
NASA is trying to make a big PR splash with the crosscountry trip of the retired shuttle Endeavour, including a nose-thumbing stopover of Houston, the city who didn't get a shuttle despite being the home of NASA.

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You'd think the space agency would try to sneak the piggybacking shuttle over the city under cover of darkness, or veer north until they were topping Centerville at least, but instead NASA seems committed on rubbing Houston's nose once again in how the city messed up the process of procuring one of these orbiting babies for space-museum purposes.

Thanks, NASA.

As it turns out, Endeavour has some unfinished business here in Houston. So while it's in town, maybe it could/should look into this honeydew list:

5. Lose that damn "O" for once and for all
Winner of the Most Pretentious Shuttle is....Ye Olde Endeavour!!

No one ever bought the explanation that it was named after some old sailing ship because it was as far removed from a sailing ship as possible. Sticking an "O" in it wasn't going to make it seem historic or anything.

We know Houston is full of brand-spanking-new places designed to look/seem old and therefore something calling itself "Endeavour" would fit here, but break out the paint while you're at Ellington and cover up that offending letter before moving on to L.A. It's time.

The Outpopst: Gone, like the Endeavour

4. Get in one last visit to the Outpost.
Well, maybe you can dip your wings as you glide over what used to be a legendary astronaut hangout. Although we're not sure we recommend a shuttle-laden 747 dipping its wings at low altitude over a semi-populous area, come to think of it.

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Johnson Space Center

1601 Nasa Parkway, Houston, TX

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#3 - 'tail' not 'tale'


And as previously pointed out, the 'u' is extra in Endeavour (and glamour), not the 'o'.


Well-intentioned but lazy writing.


We just saw it fly around downtown.  I'm @ 1100 Louisana.  Kinda a kick in the baby-daddies having grown up in Clear Lake in the 80s and 90s. 

Bex Meanie
Bex Meanie

I saw it fly over downtown about 10 min ago. Awesome!!


Wouldn't that actually be an extra "u"?  As in "Endeavor?"

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