Nayely Ruby Herrera, 21: Houston Woman's Strawman-Purchasing Spree Nets 15 AK-47-Type Weapons

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A busy couple of months, AK-47-wise
A 21-year-old Houston woman has been sentenced to three years in federal prison for using false information to purchase at least 15 AK-47-type weapons over a two-month period.

Nayely Ruby Herrera, 21, made her purchases at a Valley gun store called The Armory, located in McAllen.

"During trial, the government presented evidence that Herrera had purchased three AK-47 type firearms on Feb. 23, 2011, four AK-47 type firearms on April 14, 2011, four AK-47 type firearms on April 15, 2011, and another four AK-47 type firearms on April 23, 2011," prosecutors said. "The case began when the four rifles were discovered being taken into Mexico by another person. "

Herrera subsequently admitted to investigators that she had knowingly purchased the guns for a third party who gave her money to do so and had also paid her for her trouble.

"In handing down the sentence, Judge [Micaela] Alvarez noted that the defendant could not be blind to the violence in Mexico and the danger that the firearms represent," prosecutors said.

The trial took about two hours and the jury deliberated for about 30 minutes. Herrera will also face a three-year-term of supervised release once she gets out.

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I heard last week that the government cannot do anything useful, or if they do, it costs so much more than the private sector alternative. Are you claiming this type of gun control is evidence to the contrary?

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