Misty Reneedawn Wofford: Forced Three-Year-Old to Perform for British Skype Perv, Police Say

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Misty Reneedawn Wofford: Could get ten years in prison.
Working together, Interpol, the U.S. Department of Justice and the Webster police have busted a 24-year-old Hitchcock woman allegedly responsible for creating live child porn and transmitting it to a British man via Skype.

According to court documents, after a raid on the home of a man named Paul Hanlon, British police found transcripts of sexually charged Skype chats with Misty Reneedawn Wofford. According to the police report, the Bobbies read that Hanlon constantly begged Wofford to include a three-year-old girl of her acquaintance in the sexual Skyping, so they alerted Interpol, who passed the information on to the feds, who alerted local police.

On September 20, Wofford was hunted down at an apartment in Webster that she shared with a friend and his daughter -- the three-year-old in question. Webster cops found all three of them at home when they came knocking with a search warrant.

Police told Wofford they had read all of her chats with Hanlon, and that they knew he had pressured her into including the toddler in the proceedings. In a taped interview, Wofford said that while Hanlon had encouraged her "to do many things," she had never sexually assaulted the child.

She did, however, admit that she had exposed the child's genitals and encouraged the toddler to pull on her exposed nipples in front of the Webcam, "to pleasure the man from the UK," according to the report.

Which was enough for a charge of encouraging the sexual performance of a child, a third-degree felony punishable by up to ten years in prison.

Wofford is currently in the Harris County Jail. Bail was set at $30,000.

"Things don't always work out how you plan them," Wofford posted on Facebook earlier this month, "but they DO work out how they are supposed to!"

That might be true in her case, but too bad her alleged victim is not able to say the same thing.

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Father was at work at the time of the incidents. Father didn't know till the police showed up. Police confirmed he was not aware of the situations.


why arent they arresting her so call boyfriend either way they are both to blame he was there too why should it be all on her he is responsible for his daughter


I want to punch this girl in her stupid hair cut!!


defendant has a long history of mental illness. so sad.



Interpol, the U.S. Department of Justice, and the Webster police


One of these is not like the others...


@HairBallsNews reading this just made me sick to my stomach.

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